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A note from Julie: My personal experience with Protandim has been impressive, but not miraculous. I continue to use it not just because of what I have experienced, but because I have seen the research, understand the science, and believe that is an important investment in my health. Hearing stories from family and friends has only solidified my commitment to share this breakthrough with others. My cousin, Natalie, and her husband, Mike, felt so strongly about their experience that they wrote about it and encouraged me to share it freely. I am grateful for their tremendous generosity. 

Please know that, as a nutritional supplement, Protandim does not make any claims to prevent, improve, or cure any disease. It has, however, been shown to decrease oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40% over 30 days when taken daily, and also to extend life in animals. When the body is relieved of the burden of oxidative stress, it is able to function better, and  to activate its own healing processes. Because each person's body is unique, each person's response to having less oxidative stress cannot be predicted.

If you are seeking relief from symptoms related to a particular condition, I encourage you to go to (the national repository for the National Institute of Health), and do a search on your condition and the term "oxidative stress". The results of this search will help you determine whether the Nrf-2 activation available with Protandim is likely to support your body's natural healing ability. Although there are no known drug interactions known for Protandim, I always encourage folks to consult with their health care provider about use of supplements. This handout can help educate your provider about Protandim and its benefits. I invite you to attend one of my local or online events to learn more.

The Injury

From Natalie... 

NandM 7-yrs-agoOn Sept. 12, 2011 Mike and our families lives would forever be changed. We had just celebrated Mom's 65th birthday and then I departed for a week long conference in Bohia Honda. Thank God I returned in time.

I arrived home early on Sunday morning before the sun rose. All of the kids piled in bed with Mike and I for a day of dogpile and popcorn and movies. I felt the love and that I was missed.

This new journey began abruptly.

Mike awoke the next morning Mon., Sept. 12, 2011 at his usual early bird time around 5am checked his emails drank, his coffee with the cat on his knee and watched the weather. He then downed his ritual glass of water before he jumped in the shower to prepare for his work day.

Normally when one is startled awake first thing you do is check the time so... When I heard my husband fall out of the shower at 6:06am I ran to the bathroom because when I hollered for him his only response was his last breath.

Upon entering the bathroom I found him splayed on his back - the shower spraying all over the floor. I shut the water off and got to my knees checking for pulse and breath. NOTHING!!! GOD WHY!

NandM-head-massageI put my hands under his beautiful bald head and tilted his chin up to open his airway and began to scream. Praying to God begging him to give him back he wasn't done yet I still needed him... please don't take him he is the Love of my Life.

"MIKE!!MIKE!!ROBERT MICHAEL WILSON COME BACK TO ME" and he opened his eyes to say "@%?%% (*@<@8÷^<#(@"

Nothing was comprehensible. I felt like I was holding an alien. Not even one syllable sounded familiar coming out of this handsome 38-year-old's mouth.

I was looking at him in disbelief and he was looking at me like Why don't you understand the words coming out of my mouth.

He motioned to sit up. When he sat up I said,"What are you doing baby?" To which he grumpily said,"What do you mean what am I doing? Agh, my head is killing me!"

Unbeknownst to us it was.

I said "Well, I guess so ... you must have hit it when you fell". He said "No, I didn't."

I got him up and laid him down in the bed and went to mop up the bathroom floor. At that moment I noticed that he had voided everything from the belly button down.

It was then that I realized no breath, no pulse... He had died. I ran back to him as he is shivering and saying I'm so Cold. "Mike we need to go to the hospital!"

"No, please just leave me here."

I covered him up, and ran to the other end of the house


I cleaned him up, put a long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants with flops, and headed to the door. Got him in the van -  lights out again. Kids are quietly behind me.

I look at the van clock it is 6:18 we live 8 minutes from hospital. I call them as I'm pulling out. Kids are buckled. Emergency room...

"I don't know if my husband has had a heart attack or a stroke but we are on the way. I have my 4 kids with me." They are 12, 11 , 10 and 10. 3 boys and a Lil girl.

ER said "How long before you get here?"

I cried," I'M HERE!" It is only 6:21. Angels wings carried us there in 3 minutes time. I promise I was not speeding with my babies in the car. Mike would have fussed.

Roy Mundell was there with a wheelchair.

He said "I have the babies. Just go." He was the security guard.

Inside they took him straight to CT scan. When Dr Hallaba walked in the room, Mike's BP was 413 over 383.NandM-hospital

He was on the phone and he said "Natalie, your husband has a diffuse brain bleed. Do you know what that means?"

To which I sluggishly replied, "Who are you on the phone with?"


"Yes I do. Hang up and call MUSC."

I haven't called his Mom or my parents. I did call my sister while he was in his scan to take my kids to school.

It was so surreal. Fast but in slow motion. Like everything was normal but not. So I call his mom, my parents... they are all on the way.

They can't helivac him, so we are waiting for an ambulance to transport him. I can't ride along and it is good I didn't, because he died 4 more times on the way.

(Mike: "I remember waking up one time on the ambulance but then gone again. The next time I woke up, Bob, my stepfather and TK, my father-in-law were there. Then the Doctor asked me once if I knew why I was there.  My response: Ain Branuerysm.")

We had to take turns going back into triage. Barbara, Mike's mom and Julie, his sister, and I would not leave his side until the men demanded to be able to see him.

NandM-brain-scanThey were giving him a medicine to bring down his BP so they could operate. Dr. Chaudrey, an Integrative Radiologist, was waiting patiently for the meds to work because he could not operate otherwise. Finally, around 3 pm he came in to say it was low enough.

Then I grabbed him by his lapels and I said, "Dr. Chaudrey, I need you to understand something. He is not just my husband, he is my best friend - the love of my life. He saved me. He makes me feel beautiful. He is not just a truck driver. He is a theologian, an astronomer, a chef, a fisherman, a mentor, a son , a brother, a friend, and above all else, a Father. We need him in good condition. We Need Him. We love him."

Dr. Chaudrey frowned and said, "No Pressure". He then promised to pray before he cut and it was then I knew Mike was in good hands.

They took him up to surgery. They told us it would take about 3 hours. We were all in the waiting room, Mom, Dad, Barbara, Bob, Julie, Pastor Bob, Craig. Praying ...

45 minutes later, Dr. Chaudrey came out himself and I wanted to fall to my knees.

"Mrs. Wilson, your husband is okay. We have placed a 6.5mm Platinum coil successfully on the back of his frontal lobe. It was like God had poured Drano through his veins because we had a clear path the whole way." They went in through his femoral artery and snaked their way up to his brain to place the coil in his anuerysm so that the body could create a clot at the base and thus correcting the bloodflow.

I said "Yes sir!" with full faith "He Did!" Praise God.

"May I see him?"

NandM-mike-and-kidsOnce he and I were at Mike's bedside and Mike opened his eyes, Dr. Chaudrey asked him," I don't want to know what year it is or who the President of the United STATES is, I want to know what 4 reasons means?"

Mike had been mumbling this off and on all day and while going into surgery just before he went under. I knew, but I was anxious to see if he still knew.

Mike groggy replied, "LT. Colyn, Remme, Kaeleigh - our babies." Dr. Chaudrey cried and said "Your reasons for living" and he said "yes sir "before he fell back asleep for a day or so.

He was in STICU for 4 days and in Neuro on the 9th floor for 27 days. Waiting for the vasospasms to stop. Waiting for the body to reabsorb the blood that was on his brain.

85% of the people with his type of brain aneurysm die from the initial onset. 75% of the 15% that survive die within the first 6 months and 40% of those survivors die within the first year.


I thank God everyday for giving me back my heartstrings, my best friend, my other half.

He had 10 months of recovery. He looked drunk all the time.

A once mild tempered patient Father had become short and curt with his children. He couldn't remember his math skills, how to cook - he had lost a lot.

When he tried to read the words jumped around on the page, and he woke and went to bed with a headache.

He also had short term memory loss and a loss of confidence in himself -- fearing going to work because what if this happened when he was on the road? He didn't want to kill anyone with his Mixer.

But he never gave up. This is his side of the story.

The Recovery

From Mike...

NandM-recoveryOn a long road to recovery I kept experiencing extremely debilitating Migraines - from the time I woke in the morning to the time I went to bed at night. Afterall, I had a chunk of metal in my head.

This lead to Doctor visit after Doctor visit after Doctor visit, who prescribed pill after pill after pill to try and manage the headaches. From bipolar meds to anti-seizure meds and at one point 3000 MG of Gabapentin.

Nothing worked except extreme high doses of opiods/pain killers.

Well, you can't live and function on pain killers. And I'll be darned if I wanted disability. The Neurologist said I qualified, and I said as long as I can swing a hammer or pull a rake I will work.

So, began my journey to find a natural solution to ease my headache problem.

Natalie's cousin, Julie, had been introduced to Protandim and called her. Julie felt so strongly that it would help that she sent a free months supply.

Once it arrived, I began taking one tablet at lunch every day. I had already stopped believing that those other meds were going to help and I made my GP promise not to prescribe any more pain meds or steroids. I had had it with all this pharmaceutical crap.

I had developed Gout which was excruciating and psoriatic arthritis. They were having to aspirate my knees bi-monthly -  at one point getting 55ccs (which if you don't know is a lot.) I didn't want the sheet to touch me, let alone my family.  The pain from the toxins collecting in my body were that severe.

They had even tried me on antidepressants which just made me more suicidal. All I wanted was relief from the agony.

NandM-kissingI had faith in my wife's trust of her cousins belief.

After several weeks of taking Protandim I realized that the pain in my body was more bearable and the headaches were subsiding. It was the first thing to ease the intensity.

So I continued to take Protandim and continue to take it today.

I now take Nrf 1 and Nrf 2 which has increased my energy and has made me that much more functional with my family and my wife.

I still get headaches everyday but it is just an annoyance like a muscle strain rather than a crippling assault. Mostly they come and I realize it is because I haven't taken my supplement yet.

Protandim has given me a new lease on life. I would recommend trying Protandim to see if it will be a life changer for you as it has been for me.



Mike, Natalie and their 4 reasons










NandM Mike today





Mike today

The numbers about healthcare and self-care in the U.S. are troubling.

In a nutshell, the numbers of people with chronic, preventable diseases is increasing.

At the same time, we're not doing a great job of doing the behaviors that could turn that trend around...

Preventable Chronic Health Problems

Self-Care Habits

  • In spring of 2016, a large-scale study reported that less than 3% of U.S adults meet four basic markers of a healthy lifestyle: a good diet (top 40% of USDA recommended foods), moderate exercise (150 minutes moderate to vigorous exercise a week), a recommended body fat percentage and being a non-smoker.
    • A total of 71 percent of adults did not smoke, 38 percent ate a healthy diet, 10 percent had a normal body fat percentage, and 46 percent were sufficiently active.
    • Only 2.7 percent of all adults had all four healthy lifestyle characteristics, while 16 percent had three, 37 percent had two, 34 percent had one, and 11 percent had none.

...with warm wishes for a year full of flourishing!

Your Partner in Health,


Music Credit: "Shadows" by David LaMotte (

I decided to become a distributor with LifeVantage for a simple reason - my understanding of and experience with Protandim convinced me that Nrf-2 Activation was a breakthrough that people needed to know about.

Since my initial experience with Protandim, I have witnessed the journeys of family and friends who have decided to try it too, and I have continued to be impressed!

This page shares some of the experiences and quotes that I have been given permission to share.

Please remember that, as a supplement, Protandim does not make any claims to prevent, improve, or cure any disease or condition. However, it has been shown to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40% over 30 days when taken daily, and since oxidative stress is linked to many chronic conditions, reducing it is a good thing!

Since each of us is unique, oxidative stress affects each of us differently. Therefore, one should not expect their experience with Protandim to be just like the experience of someone else. Nonetheless, it is quite impressive the difference that reducing oxidative stress can make!

Here are some of the experiences that my friends and family have reported with Protandim:

  • increased energy
  • better sleep
  • fading skin lesions
  • elimination of chronic headaches
  • reduced pain
  • reduced need for other supplements
  • improved joint and airway inflammation
  • improved blood sugar levels

CA Protandim bottleHere are some of their words:

  • Read Natalie and Mike's Protandim Story
  • "I am now Red Bull free. That saves me 1000 calories a day. I don't think I would have had the energy to do it without LifeVantage." (South Carolina -January 2016)

  • "My daughter has been on a supplement routine for over a year. It has been practically the same routine the whole time, with dosages determined by kinesiology. She has made slow but steady progress.

    Last month she started Protandim. No other changes in her diet, BUT *tons* of stress. Stress usually means more supplements and/or a really strict diet to maintain her preferred level of health. College interviews, auditions, a cancer diagnosis for her grandmother, and the death of her cousin all happened this month.

    Today was her first visit since Protandim. She tested a need for HALF of the supplements she normally would need, and the doc mentioned how she must have taken it easy and been really strict on her diet. No. Not even close. The only change was the Protandim.

    The stress level was sky-high, food was not perfect, AND she is doing *better*. Just wow." (North Carolina - February 2016)

  • "For me, a couple of the most noteworthy experiences I have had have to do with inflammation. I have two painfully arthritic thumbs, that I've noticed really don't bother me when I'm taking Protandim. I have also noticed that while for the past several winters I have had terrible problems with asthma-like symptoms, to the point that I needed breathing treatments and an inhaler, and I haven't needed that once since I started Protandim." (Georgia - February, 2016)

  • "I am a breast cancer survivor. Chemo and surgery leave a wake of change and challenge. Protandim works for me in alleviating the fatigue. This is wonderful! I've also noticed my nails are stronger (they used to chip daily), nerve pain has basically disappeared, and I just have an overall feeling of good health... I'm grateful for this product in many ways." (North Carolina - March 2017)





...and a new year rich in all the matters to you most!

Your Partner in Health,


Music Credit: "Show the Way" by David Wilcox (


You say you see no hope
You say you see no reason we should dream
That the world would ever change
You say the love is foolish to believe
'Cause they'll always be some crazy
With an army or a knife
To wake you from your daydream
Put the fear back in your life

If someone wrote a play
To just to glorify what's stronger than hate
Would they not arrange the stage
To look as if the hero came too late?
He's almost in defeat
It's looking like the evil side will when
So on the edge of every seat
From the moment that the whole thing begins

It is love who mixed the mortar
And it's love who stacked these stones
And it's love who made the stage here
Although it looks like we're alone
In this scene, set in shadows,
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's love that wrote the play
For in this darkness love can show the way

Now the stage is set
You can feel your own heart beating in your chest
This life's not over yet
So we get up on our feet and do our best
We play against the fear
We play against the reasons not to try
We're playing for the tears
Burning in the happy angel's eyes

For it's love who mixed the mortar
And it's love who stacked these stones
And it's love who made the stage here
Though it looks like we're alone
In this scene, set in shadows,
Like the night is here to stay
There is evil cast around us
But it's love that wrote the play
For in this darkness love will show the way

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