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Transforming Health and Well-being

Invest in health to increase wellness

Core Health Partners, PLLC is a North Carolina wellness practice dedicated to helping people live well on purpose. Our mission is to help people thrive so that they can contribute their unique gifts to the world.

We encourage and empower those whom we serve to fulfill their highest level of well-being and self-expression, transforming what is possible in their lives and in their communities.

Building Health and Wellness

Building HealthWe all want to be healthy, don't we? At the same time, it seems true that knowing what will make us healthier and actually doing those things are very different matters. Simply put, knowledge alone isn't enough to change our behavior.

Some of us are able to adopt healthy behaviors on our own. Many of us benefit from the support of a health coach. Whatever the case is for you, the key to success is knowing what you want to achieve and then choosing actions that match your objective. Although that sounds simple, it isn't easy.

At Core Health Partners, we are committed to transforming health at the individual and community level. Whether Julie is working with individuals, small groups, or larger organizations, her approach is distinct in several core ways:

  • Her work with partners is individualized and focused on their goals, not hers.
  • She understands health as a positive vitality that can be cultivated.  Health is not merely the absence of disease.
  • She values approaches that are effective and evidence-based, and continually refines her skills to offer our partners the best possible service.
  • She views wellness comprehensively and encourages exploration of the varied factors that influence self-care choices.

If you'd like to learn how to get started, please contact us or schedule a complimentary clarity session with Julie.

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Health and Wellbeing Program Wellness Toolkit

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What Others Say...

Individualized Approach

"Julie is a skilled professional, a great listener, and a great human being. She sees each person as a unique individual with unique questions, dreams and goals. She does not presume she understands by providing space for discovery and clarification of a person's goals. Julie assesses, mentors, monitors and encourages -- meeting the individual in their space, time and need."

Peter J. Morris MD, MPH, MDiv
Executive Director
Urban Ministries of Wake County

Sustainable Alterations

"Julie really helped me to critically analyze my existing habits and make sustainable alterations in pursuit of my weight loss goal. I have lost 62 lbs in the 9 months since we worked together and I am very close to reaching and maintaining my overall health goal. I can't thank Julie enough for the difference her work has made in my life."

Jenn B.
Raleigh, NC

Expectations Exceeded

"I exceeded even my own expectations for the progress that I would make during this coaching. I learned a lot about myself, about my inspiration about what drives me, about what behavior modifications work for me and about how to stick with it."

Corporate Client
Cary, NC
Coaching Feedback Survey


"I highly recommend Julie as a coach! She is fully present and totally committed to helping me envision, focus on, and create what I want in my life! Her insights and reflections are so 'spot on' and she draws from her own self-lived honor and respect for the unique journeys we each are on in our lives, and the inspiration we give one another to live our whole 'wild and precious lives'"

Chapel Hill, NC

A Skilled Partner

"Julie and I worked together to create, implement and evaluate an onsite health coaching pilot program. Her project management and organizational skills are terrific complements to her strong skills as a health coach."

Gale Adcock, FNP
Chief Health Officer
SAS Institute Inc.

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