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Self-care for Caregivers

dreamstime xs 17727311As health care providers, we can find it challenging to make time for self-care in the midst of caring for others.  At the same time, we often feel a responsibility to "practice what we preach".  Certainly, no one likes the thought of being judged as hypocritical - whether by ourself or others!

This values conflict has real consequences - for patients and providers.  Studies have shown that health care providers who smoke or who are overweight or obese are actually less likely to counsel their patients about these risk factors.  On the other hand, research suggests that providers who are more physically fit are more likely to prescribe exercise.  More importantly, we know that good self-care practices reduce the negative effects of stress, and they are important tools in addressing the high risk of provider burnout.

Good self-care strategies are essential habits that allow us to be at our best - professionally and personally.  They matter to us and to our patients. Julie Alexander founded Core Health Partners with a commitment to help individual providers and health care organizations remove barriers to optimal self-care.  She believes that our patients, communities, and country need us to lead the way in transforming our health and our health care system.

Please contact Julie to discuss ways you can partner to support better self-care for you or your colleagues.



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