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Health and Wellbeing Programs

Core Health Partners offers a unique blend of wellness services that allow us to offer personalized service to each health-seeker. Some people need information, others benefit from Path to Wellnesssupport and motivation from a health coach, and some need clinical guidance to figure out what self-care approaches are most relevant for them. We call this "Integrative Coaching Care."

Our Founder, Julie Alexander, is a nurse coach with specialized training in health promotion and lifestyle approaches to preventing and managing chronic disease. Her integrative approach blends coaching and clinical guidance according to the unique needs of each person seeking care.

Services for individual health partners include:

  • Embark: A two-session consultation that helps new partners create a personalized Wellness Map.
  • Pathfinder: A twelve-week coaching program for health-seekers who desire support as they clarify wellness objectives, create a plan, take appropriate action, and create sustainable self-care practices. Provides health coaching and educational support.
  • Tune-Up: A twelve-week therapeutic lifestyle change program.  Tune-Up provides clinical, educational, and coaching support for partners who want to lose excess weight, achieve healthier body composition, increase energy, and adopt lifelong self-care habits that reduce risks for chronic disease and support optimal well-being.

Julie also offers group wellness programs for local businesses or organizations. If you would like to get to know Julie, she encourages you to schedule an appointment for a complimentary phone consultation.


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