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Health Coaching for Employees

Optimal self-care begins with a desire and a readiness to invest in our well-being.  It involves knowing what actions will support our health, but more importantly, it requires the ability to navigate the process of behavior change.

Behavior change isn't easy, but resources are available to those who are ready for the journey. Julie Alexander, founder of Core Health Partners, offers integrative health coaching as a resource and tool for people undertaking wellness journeys.Values

Integrative Health Coaching is a dynamic process that is centered on and initiated by the individual seeking greater wellness. In her coaching work, Julie acts as a partner, a resource, and a mirror -- listening deeply and asking powerful questions designed to help health-seekers focus on what is most important to them about their health.

As her partners get clear about what they want, Julie helps them hone in on the specific goals that will move them toward that vision. She journeys with them as they work towards their goals, helping them identify the strengths that work in their favor, and helping them design approaches that increase the likelihood of successful and lasting change.  Throughout the coaching process, Julie is an advocate -- a dependable ally who offers encouragement and helps partners overcome obstacles.

Julie offers services to individuals and groups.  Please contact us to learn more about how Julie can help your employees optimize their well-being.

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