Community Well-Being

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Community Well-Being

Colorful handsIt's easier to make healthy choices when you have support! Here are some of the ways that Julie works with worksites and other community groups to help them build their well-being:

Free Wellness Seminars
These onsite 30-60 minute group wellness presentations are available to Lake Norman area groups who want to learn more about wellness. Sample topics include how to create personal health plan, how to use mindfulness as a tool for wellness, key features of a healthy metabolism, and how to cultivate healthier mindsets. Please see our events page for additional complimentary programs that are available online or via conference call.

This half-day workshop is for health-seekers who want to increase their capacity for proactive self-care. Information and inquiry prepare participants to think holistically about their health, create appropriate goals, and take positive steps to towards optimal well-being.

Empowered Wellness
This 12-week program is for health-seekers who want support in building optimal self-care practices. A combination of coaching, educational, and peer support facilitate each person's health journey. Participants create and implement personalized health plans using program resources to hone their approach, address obstacles and cultivate strengths that ensure sustainability.

This customized service is for small groups of health-seekers who have a relationship within a group or organization. Wellness circle participants work together to build their personal levels of well-being, the wellness of the circle, and the well-being of their larger community. The coaching process builds each person's capacity for intentional self-care, facilitates effective peer support, and provides opportunities for members to serve as catalysts for community wellness.

If you would like to explore any of these opportunities, please click below to schedule a time to talk with Julie!


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