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Nine Ways to Love Yourself Well

Nine Ways to Love Yourself Well

b2ap3_thumbnail_dreamstime_xs_34718090.jpgIt's February, and here in the U.S. we're celebrating hearts, love, and relationships. Although Valentine's Day tends to focus on romantic relationships, it also provides a great opportunity to acknowledge all of the relationships that make our lives rich. As you celebrate all your relationships, I invite you to to remember one that is near and dear to your heart — your relationship with yourself! After all, THAT relationship affects every other relationship that you have. So, I hope that you nurture it well!

Here are nine different ways that you can love yourself well that are based on the Wheel of Health model created by Duke Integrative Medicine:

  1. Cultivate Mindful Awareness — As you hone your ability to pay attention and make choices based on the present moment, your freedom and ability to make choices aligned with your deepest values and intentions increases.
  2. Explore Ways to Move, Challenge, and Restore Your Body — There are many ways to nurture your physical body. Listening to it and balancing your needs for movement, exercise and rest is key to optimizing this domain of self-care.
  3. Enhance Your Relationship with Your Food — In our fast-paced culture it is easy to make food choices based on convenience, or to eat for emotional reasons instead of hunger. Mindful approaches to eating can move us in a healthier direction and help us find foods that nourish us well.
  4. Invest in and Balance Your Personal and Professional Growth — Expanding our knowledge and abilities allows us opportunities to express ourselves and contribute our talents in rewarding ways. Attending to both personal and professional domains of our lives increases our sense of balance and satisfaction.
  5. Nurture the Physical Spaces that Support You — Your home, work, and community environments have a profound impact on your well-being and, when healthy - create a context where you can thrive.
  6. Deepen Your Relationships With Others — Social media can't compete with the kind and attentive presence of another person in real time. Find healthy ways to meet your human need for connection with the people who matter to you most.
  7. Connect to Your Life's Meaning and Purpose — Developing habits that help you explore and connect with that which is larger than yourself helps maintain a sense of peace, focus, and perspective.
  8. Support Your Body's Natural Healing Ability — Modern life is full of opportunities for stress reactions which can hamper your body's innate healing power. Developing habits that activate the relaxation response helps you reset and restore your body on a regular basis.
  9. Create a Winning Care Team — Your health care team is there to work for and support your well-being. When you make sure you have all the right players, that they play together well, and that they understand the game that you're playing, you'll be more likely to get the results that you want.

The exciting thing about wellness is that there is always an opportunity to grow and improve. If you're interested in expanding your well-being, check out this Brief Wellness Self-Assessment to see what growth opportunities you can identify. You can find more about the Wheel of Health here at, and also find lots of resources to help you hone in on areas where you want to focus.

I'd love to hear some of the ways that you're loving and nurturing your well-being! Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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Monday, 22 January 2018
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