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How to Thrive in a Broken Healthcare System

How to Thrive in a Broken Healthcare System


What a week it has been. You may have noticed that I missed my blog post on Wellness Wednesday and I haven't been sharing much on social media (and it is o.k. with me if you didn't notice...)

I have been quiet because I had a life-changing experience last week that I've been calling the Perfect Storm.

Last Thursday morning I woke up with a very fast heart rate and I went to the E.R.

The good news is that I am well. My body was reacting to all the changes inherant in a relocation, a summer full of unpredictability, and the start of a new school year for my two teenage daughters.

It is clear that I have some healing work to do to recalibrate from the wear and tear of all that stress. (Hey...our bodies don't know the difference between good change and bad change...the reactions are the same!!) So, I will be doing that.

While I am recalibrating, I will be unplugged most of the time. I may be sharing blogs with you if I feel moved, but I will not be keeping a regular schedule. I trust that you understand.

During this time, please know that I am holding space for all of us to flourish.

Below is a little video that I made for you this morning that gives more detail and shares some of the important lessons I've been learning. In a nutshell they are this:

  1. Practice being mindful - Listening deeply to your body, mind and spirit will tell you everything you need to know about how to be well. 
  2. Be the captain of your own ship - Trust your own authority. Know what you need and ask for it.
  3. Create a partnership with a health care provider that you trust - When push comes to shove, it's good to have an ally who aligns with your values.

Warning -- This video is long and breaks all the "rules" about video length in our distracted culture (which is about 3 minutes max.). But it says what I needed to say, and I trust you can handle it :-)

May you be well!

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Monday, 22 January 2018
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