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Five Habits of the Unstoppable Wellness Investor

Five Habits of the Unstoppable Wellness Investor

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fotolia_101702162_XS.jpgHave you ever considered the similarities between health and wealth?

Both are renewable resources that can be cultivated through proactive investments.

In some ways, wellness investments are also similar to financial investments. They are easier and more effective when they are done in small, regular, proactive steps. Both kinds of investments can provide access to more freedom, flexibility, ease, peace of mind and resilience.

There is a key difference, though, that can make wellness investing more challenging than financial investing.

Financial investments seem easier to measure. And, as you've probably heard "What gets measured, gets managed."

Think of it. If we want, we can see from financial statements how much we are accruing, and measure that against our longterm goals. The results of wellness investments are often more subtle, especially if we haven't defined a clear plan in the first place.

Lack of planning can sabotage our best intentions when it comes to any investment. Without the focus that a plan provides, it is difficult to maintain motivation and discipline. When our investments become inconvenient, it becomes harder to stay the course.

Knowing this, how can we be unstoppable in reaching our wellness goals? Here are five strategies that can keep us on track, even when the going gets tough.

  1. Have an investment mindset — The media is full of wellness products and services that promise fast, easy results (just as there are financial products that promise ways to get rich quickly). The truth is that many of them don't work as promised, or don't provide sustainable results. Wellness is a way of living that embraces ongoing growth and exploration of what is possible. While there will be many milestones along the way to celebrate, there will always be new opportunities for development. Viewing a wellness journey as a lifestyle, rather than a solution to a problem, promotes more realistic expectations and consistent action.
  2. Create a big picture — If you could have any level of well-being that you could imagine, what would it look like? What would you be able to do, or be, or experience? Why would that be important to you? When you get clear about the vision and values behind your big picture, this boosts your motivation. Your motivation is the fuel that makes the journey possible.
  3. Create clear, achievable goals and action steps — The big picture will fuel your "why", but a plan will support your "what and how". This, as they say, is where the rubber hits the road. Having clear steps and goals is important because it focuses your energy, and also gives you a tangible way to measure your results. When you can measure what you are accomplishing, it increases your motivation and your confidence. Both of these are critical to being unstoppable!
  4. Check-in and celebrate — This is where many people lose ground. We may think that measuring our accomplishments and celebrating them is not important, or maybe even self-indulgent. We are so embedded in the "never enough" mindset, that we don't allow ourselves to recognize our forward progress. We just keep chasing that carrot that seems always out of reach. Checking in and noticing what we have accomplished - whether that is with an accountability partner, an online app, a journal, or a coach - and then CELEBRATING those accomplishments is a key success habit because it builds motivation and confidence. It also gives us a powerful relationship to where we are in our journey so that we can adjust our expectations or strategies.
  5. Work like a scientist — If your financial investments aren't performing as expected, do you leave them alone and hope for the best? Do you beat yourself up? Of course not! You assess the situation, learn from it, and make an informed adjustment! Unfortunately, when it comes to wellness investments, it is challenging to maintain the same objectivity. Your regular wellness assessments - whether you do them alone or with a coach - are valuable opportunities to learn and tweak your approach.

What about you? What wellness investments are you making and what keeps your on track towards your goals? Please share your wisdom with us in the comments below!

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Monday, 22 January 2018
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