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A Wellness Lesson from a GPS

A Wellness Lesson from a GPS

This summer, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel with my family in the western United States. We were in the car for many days, and were fortunate that several of us were able to split up the driving and navigation responsibilities.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Mount-Rushmore_20140910-130151_1.jpgWe had a mishap one day, though, when I was handling navigation duty. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication right from the start. My husband handed me his phone with a map already pulled up that I thought would take us to Mount Rushmore. I used the map to carefully guide him turn-by-turn through a very scenic drive. When we reached the end of the instructions, we were facing an empty field somewhere in South Dakota. It was definitely not where we intended to be!

What had happened? It turns out my husband had typed a general address into the map application to get an idea of travel time (and I missed him telling me to update the address to get more specific directions). So, we wound up in a very nonspecific place - about 45 minutes away from our desired destination!

Once we got over our confusion (and irritation), we had a good laugh and got back on track. I couldn't help but think how this experience provided a useful analogy for those of us on other kinds of journeys.

It's important to be clear about where you want to go. A map (or any sort of plan) is only as good as the data on which it is based. To get where you want to go, you need to be specific about your destination.

This certainly holds true in my wellness practice, where my partners are the "drivers" and I am the "navigator". At the start of a wellness journey, each health partner and I spend time getting very clear about where they want to go. We use that information to create their personal wellness map. While the route can change, depending on what we learn along the way, the vision of their desired destination orients all of our work together.

In my experience, people who are interested in taking charge of their well-being don't commit to their health journeys casually. They may have never taken the opportunity to name what they want for their health and well-being before. When given the opportunity to speak about their vision, though, they have very clear ideas about where they want to go and what will make this journey worth taking.

We're all on a health journey, whether we're navigating it consciously or just wandering. We all have an opportunity to be specific, and aim for a "destination" that inspires us.

Where do you want your health journey to be taking you? I invite you to post a comment below and share about your vision with me!

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Monday, 22 January 2018
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