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Partnership HandshakeIn our view, health care providers are pretty special people.  All the ones we know chose their profession because they wanted to be of service and make a difference.  At the same time, those of us who chose to enter health care find ourselves faced with big challenges that can seem overwhelming.  Although we know that things need to change, the solutions are complex and burnout among health care providers is high.  Furthermore, when we are dealing with stress and change, it's hard to focus energy on proactive approaches that take more time.

Core Health Partners is committed to supporting other health care providers in promoting optimal health for themselves, their colleagues and the people they serve.  We know that you know health promotion is important, so we want to partner with you in making it a part of your practice, and your life.

dreamstime xs 17727311As health care providers, we can find it challenging to make time for self-care in the midst of caring for others.  At the same time, we often feel a responsibility to "practice what we preach".  Certainly, no one likes the thought of being judged as hypocritical - whether by ourself or others!

This values conflict has real consequences - for patients and providers.  Studies have shown that health care providers who smoke or who are overweight or obese are actually less likely to counsel their patients about these risk factors.  On the other hand, research suggests that providers who are more physically fit are more likely to prescribe exercise.  More importantly, we know that good self-care practices reduce the negative effects of stress, and they are important tools in addressing the high risk of provider burnout.

Good self-care strategies are essential habits that allow us to be at our best - professionally and personally.  They matter to us and to our patients. Julie Alexander founded Core Health Partners with a commitment to help individual providers and health care organizations remove barriers to optimal self-care.  She believes that our patients, communities, and country need us to lead the way in transforming our health and our health care system.

Please contact Julie to discuss ways you can partner to support better self-care for you or your colleagues.



Support for Lifestyle ChangePromoting health and preventing disease are critical elements of what we do as health care providers. Today's busy healthcare environment, however, leaves limited time to help people do the hard work of behavior change. Our advice to stop risky behaviors or adopt healthy ones can make a big difference to a person who is starting to contemplate a change - or may not be aware that one is advisable.

As you well know, knowing what to do and doing it are two very different matters. How can we support the people we serve in following through with the changes they desire?

At Core Health Partners, we specialize in helping people make therapeutic lifestyle changes that promote optimal health and prevent or manage chronic conditions. Our founder, Julie Alexander, would be honored to partner with you in supporting your patients in their wellness journey. Here are a few of the ways that she can help:

Information: Julie regularly monitors the literature to stay abreast of new recommendations and resources related to self-care. She shares timely and relevant self-care information in the following ways:

Tools and Training: In addition to providing accurate health information, Julie is committed to helping people develop greater awareness and ability as they master their own self-care. She offers a Brief Wellness Self-Assessment tool as a helpful starting place for health-seekers to begin inquiries and conversations about their wellness. She hosts a complimentary monthly telenar - The Nudge - to explore various self-care topics. Julie is also available to conduct onsite seminars and workshops at your practice.  Please contact us for more information.

Motivation and Support: Julie's individual and group services help people access their own reasons for seeking greater health and use these to fuel their work. As health-seekers develop new habits, her "no-failure" philosophy provides a supportive environment that cultivates curiosity and non-judgement, even as it provides a structure for accountability and tracking of results.

Julie provides written follow-up to a referring provider with your patient's consent. A prescription for Integrative Coaching Care may assist your patient in getting reimbursement if there is a health reason that you are recommending therapeutic lifestyle changes. 

As we continue to grow, Julie plans to develop additional resources for providers who are helping their patients build wellness. Please register on our site to gain access to additional resources and to add your voice to the conversations that help guide our work!

Promoting HealthWould you like to offer more health promotion services at your practice?

As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve towards evaluation of outcomes and a more patient-centered focus, we have an opportunity to re-think our models of providing care and adopt more proactive approaches. In doing so, we can reduce the burden of chronic disease for ourselves and for generations to come.

At Core Health Partners, we are looking for partners who want to bring more health to health care! Julie Alexander offers practice assessment, consulting and coaching services for providers and organizations that are interested in redesigning their practices to support greater wellness.

If you're ready to think outside the box, please contact Julie to discuss how she can help you reach your goals!

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Health and Wellbeing Program Wellness Toolkit

Just click the green spiral above to continue your path to self-care mastery!

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What Others Say...

Individualized Approach

"Julie is a skilled professional, a great listener, and a great human being. She sees each person as a unique individual with unique questions, dreams and goals. She does not presume she understands by providing space for discovery and clarification of a person's goals. Julie assesses, mentors, monitors and encourages -- meeting the individual in their space, time and need."

Peter J. Morris MD, MPH, MDiv
Executive Director
Urban Ministries of Wake County

Sustainable Alterations

"Julie really helped me to critically analyze my existing habits and make sustainable alterations in pursuit of my weight loss goal. I have lost 62 lbs in the 9 months since we worked together and I am very close to reaching and maintaining my overall health goal. I can't thank Julie enough for the difference her work has made in my life."

Jenn B.
Raleigh, NC

Expectations Exceeded

"I exceeded even my own expectations for the progress that I would make during this coaching. I learned a lot about myself, about my inspiration about what drives me, about what behavior modifications work for me and about how to stick with it."

Corporate Client
Cary, NC
Coaching Feedback Survey


"I highly recommend Julie as a coach! She is fully present and totally committed to helping me envision, focus on, and create what I want in my life! Her insights and reflections are so 'spot on' and she draws from her own self-lived honor and respect for the unique journeys we each are on in our lives, and the inspiration we give one another to live our whole 'wild and precious lives'"

Chapel Hill, NC

A Skilled Partner

"Julie and I worked together to create, implement and evaluate an onsite health coaching pilot program. Her project management and organizational skills are terrific complements to her strong skills as a health coach."

Gale Adcock, FNP
Chief Health Officer
SAS Institute Inc.

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If you'd like to stay in touch, Julie would love to share inspiration and wellness tips to support your well-being! We'll also provide you with access to her FREE wellness toolkit. Here's what to do...

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