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If you are considering working with a coach, it's important to realize how integrative health coaching is distinct from other health care professions. Here are a few important ways:

  • The client is the expert. When you consult with most health care providers, you probably expect them to conduct an assessment, make a diagnosis, and New heightsgive recommendations for treatment. You look to them to be the expert. In coaching, the relationship is based on shared expertise. The coach is the expert at guiding the coaching inquiry, but you are the expert in your life and what is important to you. In short, it isn't the coach's job to give advice, but rather to help you find your own solutions based on the strengths and wisdom you already have.
  • There is nothing to "fix". The coaching process is intended to be educational and motivational, providing opportunities for growth and development in areas that are important to you. As such, you are invited to participate in a spirit of curiosity and non-judgement.
  • Coaching is not a substitute for health care. Coaching isn't considered to be a therapeutic service because nothing is "wrong". If you have a health condition that needs treatment, coaching should not be seen as a substitute for other appropriate professional care.
  • Coaching requires the client's work, focus and time. Coaching is focused on facilitating deeper awareness and appropriate action. Much of the inquiry occurs between sessions. For individual coaching work, we recommend an initial commitment of 12 weeks of bi-weekly sessions to allow sufficient time to design and implement actions that will lead to sustainable change.

Are you ready for a change?

Integrative Health Coaching is a dynamic process that is centered on you, the health-seeker. In this process, Julie acts as a resource and a mirror -- listening deeply and Butterflyasking powerful questions that are meant to help you focus on what is most important to you about your health.

As you get more clear about what you want, Julie helps you hone in on the specific goals that will move you toward that vision. She will journey with you as your work towards your goals, helping you to identify the strengths that work in your favor, and helping you design approaches that increase your likelihood of successful and lasting change.

Throughout the time that you work together, Julie serves as your partner -- a dependable ally who offers you encouragement and helps you overcome obstacles.

If you're curious, we invite you to  learn more about what coaching is (and isn't) or explore the services that Julie offers. Ready to get started?  Please schedule a complimentary Clarity Session with Julie!

Healthy CommunityOur relationships, physical environments and communities have a huge impact on our health and well-being — in both positive and negative ways. We're more likely to make healthy choices if it's easy! If we have to go out of our way to be healthy — or if it is easier to make a less healthy choice — it can start to feel overwhelming. Being surrounded by a supportive community can make healthy choices easier to sustain over time.

At Core Health Partners, we're interested in your long-term health, and in the health of your community. That is why we offer group coaching programs and community wellness programs. Your well-being begins with you — but it doesn't have to end there. You can become a catalyst for change and create a healthier environment for the other important people in your life. It's a win-win situation. If you'd like to support your community in becoming healthier, please contact us to discuss how we can work together to make that happen.

Click here to learn more about about our community wellness programs.

SunflowerIf you had optimal health and well-being, what would be possible? What would you do or be if you had increased levels of vitality?

Whatever your passion, your health and well-being provide the essential energy to pursue it fully.

You probably know that wise self-care can help you be healthier, feel better, and avoid or manage chronic illnesses. You may know exactly what habits will help you be your healthiest self. But knowing what to do and doing it are two different things!

What gets in the way? Maybe you...

...can't figure out where to start.
...feel too busy or overwhelmed.
...think it will take away from other things that are important to you.
...have tried to make healthy changes before and it didn't work out the way you planned.
...are waiting for "the right time"

We've all felt stuck at one time or another. The important thing is not to stay stuck. Julie Alexander, Founder of Core Health Partners, works with people every day who are choosing to take charge of their well-being and journey towards a healthier future.

Julie accompanies Health Partners through this process, helping them access their strengths and move through obstacles in clear and powerful ways. She helps them get clear about what they want, take effective action, and build sustainable self-care habits that will serve them for life.

As Health Partners achieve the goals important to them, many also report:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-compassion;
  • Greater focus and clarity about what is most important to them and where to put their energy;
  • Increased ability to take effective action and stay on track;
  • Increased patience, persistence, and flexibility as they undertake changes; and
  • Renewed sense of purpose, hope and happiness.

Are you ready to move forward? Please, schedule a complimentary Clarity Session with Julie to see which of our services fits your needs!. She would love to help you move from "fine" to flourishing!

At Core Health Partners, we are experts at health promotion and lifestyle approaches to preventing and managing chronic disease.  Our aim is to help you live the longest, most vital life that you can!

Julie Alexander offers an integrative, customized approach to your care that combines her years of clinical, coaching, and teaching experience. If you're just getting started with Julie, her Embark Service includes:

  • Clinical Assessment - If you haven't recently had a wellness evaluation, Julie conducts an assessment that is focused on health promotion and healing handsdisease prevention. If you've recently had evaluations done elsewhere, Julie can help you interpret information you've received from other providers and provide additional assessments that may not have been included.
  • Evidenced-based Lifestyle Recommendations - Based on the results of the clinical assessment and your own self-asessment, Julie will share recommendations based on the current evidence. She will include recommendations for general health promotion as well as recommendations for prevention of specific conditions for which you may be at risk.
  • Wellness Education — Our services includes access to health education information and ample opportunity to get your important health questions answered. We are committed to making sure you have accurate and helpful information.
  • Personalized Health Planning - Through a customized inquiry, Julie will work with you to design a Wellness Map that focuses on addressing the self-care behaviors that are most important to you. She will provide a written summary of the plan that that you can implement on your own, in collaboration with another professional or program, or with our support.

If you're interested in partnering with Julie, please schedule a complimentary Clarity Session so you can learn how to get started!

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Health and Wellbeing Program Wellness Toolkit

Just click the green spiral above to continue your path to self-care mastery!

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What Others Say...

Individualized Approach

"Julie is a skilled professional, a great listener, and a great human being. She sees each person as a unique individual with unique questions, dreams and goals. She does not presume she understands by providing space for discovery and clarification of a person's goals. Julie assesses, mentors, monitors and encourages -- meeting the individual in their space, time and need."

Peter J. Morris MD, MPH, MDiv
Executive Director
Urban Ministries of Wake County

Sustainable Alterations

"Julie really helped me to critically analyze my existing habits and make sustainable alterations in pursuit of my weight loss goal. I have lost 62 lbs in the 9 months since we worked together and I am very close to reaching and maintaining my overall health goal. I can't thank Julie enough for the difference her work has made in my life."

Jenn B.
Raleigh, NC

Expectations Exceeded

"I exceeded even my own expectations for the progress that I would make during this coaching. I learned a lot about myself, about my inspiration about what drives me, about what behavior modifications work for me and about how to stick with it."

Corporate Client
Cary, NC
Coaching Feedback Survey


"I highly recommend Julie as a coach! She is fully present and totally committed to helping me envision, focus on, and create what I want in my life! Her insights and reflections are so 'spot on' and she draws from her own self-lived honor and respect for the unique journeys we each are on in our lives, and the inspiration we give one another to live our whole 'wild and precious lives'"

Chapel Hill, NC

A Skilled Partner

"Julie and I worked together to create, implement and evaluate an onsite health coaching pilot program. Her project management and organizational skills are terrific complements to her strong skills as a health coach."

Gale Adcock, FNP
Chief Health Officer
SAS Institute Inc.

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