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Beach pathJulie offers group wellness programs that provide coaching and educational support to health-seekers.

Healthquest: A half-day workshop for health-seekers who want to increase their capacity for proactive self-care. Prepares participants to think holistically about their health, create appropriate goals, and take positive steps to towards optimal well-being. Provides coaching and educational support.  Please visit our events page to find a date for our next community program or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a private workshop for your organization.

Empowered Wellness: A 12-week program for health-seekers who want support in building optimal self-care practices. Provides coaching, educational, and peer support.

Julie also speaks to groups on a variety of wellness education topics. If you're not certain which offering is the right fit for you, please schedule a time to talk with Julie by phone. We are happy to answer your questions!

Colorful handsIt's easier to make healthy choices when you have support! Here are some of the ways that Julie works with worksites and other community groups to help them build their well-being:

Free Wellness Seminars
These onsite 30-60 minute group wellness presentations are available to Lake Norman area groups who want to learn more about wellness. Sample topics include how to create personal health plan, how to use mindfulness as a tool for wellness, key features of a healthy metabolism, and how to cultivate healthier mindsets. Please see our events page for additional complimentary programs that are available online or via conference call.

This half-day workshop is for health-seekers who want to increase their capacity for proactive self-care. Information and inquiry prepare participants to think holistically about their health, create appropriate goals, and take positive steps to towards optimal well-being.

Empowered Wellness
This 12-week program is for health-seekers who want support in building optimal self-care practices. A combination of coaching, educational, and peer support facilitate each person's health journey. Participants create and implement personalized health plans using program resources to hone their approach, address obstacles and cultivate strengths that ensure sustainability.

This customized service is for small groups of health-seekers who have a relationship within a group or organization. Wellness circle participants work together to build their personal levels of well-being, the wellness of the circle, and the well-being of their larger community. The coaching process builds each person's capacity for intentional self-care, facilitates effective peer support, and provides opportunities for members to serve as catalysts for community wellness.

If you would like to explore any of these opportunities, please click below to schedule a time to talk with Julie!


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shape the future of health careBefore she founded Core Health Partners, Julie Alexander spent years providing consulting and project development services to private non-profit and governmental organizations. Many of the projects she helped to launch focused on increasing access to health care. She was privileged to work with clients such as the Wake County Medical Society, the Foundation for Advanced Health Programs, Wake Health Services, Inc., and The NC Primary Health Care Association.

Since training as an integrative health coach at Duke Integrative Medicine, Julie has refocused her consulting work on increasing access to self-care.

If you or your organization is undertaking a new project that will bring more health to health care, please contact us. We would love to know what you are doing, and explore ways we can partner with you in the transformation of healthcare.

Supporting Optimal Self-care (SOS) for Life

Empowered Wellness is our signature health promotion program that combines wellness education, coaching, and peer-support.

Using the Duke Wheel of Health as a model, the program facilitates an exploration of different aspects of self-care. Through self-assessment, educational presentations, group coaching, and homework, participants create and implement their own individualized wellness plan.

The core program consists of eight one-hour group sessions scheduled over 3 months. Groups are limited to eight participants. The program can be combined with individual coaching, if desired, or with our wellness circle programs to promote culture change within groups or organizations.

Please contact us to discuss how Empowered Wellness could be implemented in your community or organization. 

Core Health Partners offers a unique blend of wellness services that allow us to offer personalized service to each health-seeker. Some people need information, others benefit from Path to Wellnesssupport and motivation from a health coach, and some need clinical guidance to figure out what self-care approaches are most relevant for them. We call this "Integrative Coaching Care."

Our Founder, Julie Alexander, is a nurse coach with specialized training in health promotion and lifestyle approaches to preventing and managing chronic disease. Her integrative approach blends coaching and clinical guidance according to the unique needs of each person seeking care.

Services for individual health partners include:

  • Embark: A two-session consultation that helps new partners create a personalized Wellness Map.
  • Pathfinder: A twelve-week coaching program for health-seekers who desire support as they clarify wellness objectives, create a plan, take appropriate action, and create sustainable self-care practices. Provides health coaching and educational support.
  • Tune-Up: A twelve-week therapeutic lifestyle change program.  Tune-Up provides clinical, educational, and coaching support for partners who want to lose excess weight, achieve healthier body composition, increase energy, and adopt lifelong self-care habits that reduce risks for chronic disease and support optimal well-being.

Julie also offers group wellness programs for local businesses or organizations. If you would like to get to know Julie, she encourages you to schedule an appointment for a complimentary phone consultation.


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Health and Wellbeing Program Wellness Toolkit

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What Others Say...

Individualized Approach

"Julie is a skilled professional, a great listener, and a great human being. She sees each person as a unique individual with unique questions, dreams and goals. She does not presume she understands by providing space for discovery and clarification of a person's goals. Julie assesses, mentors, monitors and encourages -- meeting the individual in their space, time and need."

Peter J. Morris MD, MPH, MDiv
Executive Director
Urban Ministries of Wake County

Sustainable Alterations

"Julie really helped me to critically analyze my existing habits and make sustainable alterations in pursuit of my weight loss goal. I have lost 62 lbs in the 9 months since we worked together and I am very close to reaching and maintaining my overall health goal. I can't thank Julie enough for the difference her work has made in my life."

Jenn B.
Raleigh, NC

Expectations Exceeded

"I exceeded even my own expectations for the progress that I would make during this coaching. I learned a lot about myself, about my inspiration about what drives me, about what behavior modifications work for me and about how to stick with it."

Corporate Client
Cary, NC
Coaching Feedback Survey


"I highly recommend Julie as a coach! She is fully present and totally committed to helping me envision, focus on, and create what I want in my life! Her insights and reflections are so 'spot on' and she draws from her own self-lived honor and respect for the unique journeys we each are on in our lives, and the inspiration we give one another to live our whole 'wild and precious lives'"

Chapel Hill, NC

A Skilled Partner

"Julie and I worked together to create, implement and evaluate an onsite health coaching pilot program. Her project management and organizational skills are terrific complements to her strong skills as a health coach."

Gale Adcock, FNP
Chief Health Officer
SAS Institute Inc.

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